Welcome to the Chess Site of GM Victor Mikhalevski

Some information about me

I was born and raised in Gomel, second largest town in the Republic of Belarus of the former Soviet Union in 1972. At the age of 4-5 I was taught rules of chess and at 6 I started to go to the chess section. Since then till I graduated high school my brother, IM Alexander Mikhalevski, was my coach. Most of my chess successes wouldn't be possible without him. During these years I won a lot of tournaments including Championships of Belarus in my age groups and thus qualified not less than five times to the Junior Championships of the Soviet Union(1986-1990). I'll name just a few participants in those years: Kramnik, Svidler, Gelfand, Shirov, Kamsky, Rublevsky, Akopian,Bologan, Smirin, Tiviakov, Milov and many more strong GMs. My first tournament outside of the Soviet Union was pretty late, in 1990 and so I received my first rating, 2375, at the age of almost 18. In that tournament, which was my first international tournament,  I was very close to the first IM norm. In the beginning of 1991 my family moved to Israel and only two months later I tied for 2-3 in the Israel Open Championship. Already in summer of 1991 I represented Israel in the Junior World Championship. I won Israel Junior Championship in 1991 and 1992.   In 1993 I completed all the norms for the international master and received the title later that year. In 1996 I received my GM title. Later that year I tied for 1-3 in the Israel Championship, but was 3rd on tie-break. in 1998 I lost only in the final of the Israel Championship to GM Eran Liss in a tough match of the Classical, Rapid and Blitz chess knocking-out GMs Avrukh, Psakhis and Gruenfeld on the way. Since my repatriation (emigration) to Israel till now I won a lot of international tournaments, but probably my best tournament so far was Calvia Open 2007, which I started  with seven consecutive wins and finished with two quick draws. Thus I took clear first with 8 out of 9 playing against not less than seven GMs and showing a perfomance around 2900.I represented Israel in the 2006 Chess Olympiad in Torino, Italy and scored 5 out of 7 including last round win over Bareev(Russia). We tied for 3-4, but lost a medal on tie-break by half a point. I also represented Israel in the 2009 European Team Championship. As a member of the Beer-Sheva team I won a lot of Israel Team Championships and Cups. I'm still pretty active and play in many individual tournaments and team competitions.

Out of Chess Interests

I like traveling. I've visited more than 60 countries and always ready to visit new ones. So if you want to invite me to an exotic place there is a good chance I'm going to accept your invitation.

I like playing tennis, snooker and table-tennis. I also like to watch these games on TV, especially snooker.

During the chess tournaments I read books, I have no time for reading at home, since I have three kids. My favorite writers are: Boris Akunin http://www.boris-akunin.com/, Haruki Murakami http://www.randomhouse.com/features/murakami/site.php?id=, Paulo Coelho http://www.paulocoelho.com/, Bernard Werber http://www.bernardwerber.com/ I've discovered the latter recently, but find his ideas original and interesting.

Best Tournament results

1985-1989 Champion of Belarus in my age groups at least 5 times

1990 Czestochowa Festival, Poland 2-3 places

1991 Israel Open Championship 2-3 places

1991 and 1992 Israel Champion under 20

1993 Nethanya Open, Israel 1st IM norm

1993 Benasque Open, Spain 2nd IM norm

1993 Biel Festival, Switzerland 3rd and final IM norm

1993 "First Saturday", Budapest   10 out of 13, 1st GM norm    1st place

1994 International Festival, Tel Aviv  1st place

1994 Grand Prix Kfar Saba, Israel 5 out of 5 1-2(!) places

1994 "Berliner Sommer" Festival, Germany 1-9 places

1995 European Club Cup , I played for Beer-Sheva Chess Club,  3rd place

1996 Beer-Sheva International 2nd and final GM norm,  2nd place

1996 Israel Championship 1-3 places, 3rd on tie-break

1997 International Festival Rishon-LeZion, Israel 1st place

1997 Martigny Open 1-4 places

1997 Israel Champion(rapid)

1998 Vice-Champion of Israel

1998 2nd VAM Open, Hoogeveen, Netherlands 1st place

1999 Lost Boys, Antwerpen 1999 1-4 places

2000 Carlos Torre memorial, Merida, Mexico 2nd place

2002 6th Itau Cup, Sao Paulo, Brasil 1st place

2002 1st International tournament, San Salvador, El Salvador 1st place

2002 Biel Festival, Switzerland 1st place(rapid)

2003 Quebec Open, Montreal, Canada 1st place in all 3 sections(classical, rapid, blitz)

2003 2nd International tournament, San Salvador, El Salvador 1st place

2003 First International  Festival, Ashdod, Israel 1-4 places

2004 International festival, Drammen, Norway 8 out of 9 1-2 places

2005 Montreal World Chess Tournament 2nd place

2005 Montreal International, Canada, category 12 1st place

2005 Lake George Open, NY, US 1st place

2006 Spring Invitational, Schaumburg, IL, US,  category 10, 7.5 out of 9 1st place

2006 International Festival, Ashdod, Israel 1-4 places

2006 GM Slugfest Bellevue, WA, US 1st place

2006 International tournament, Coamo, Puerto Rico 1-2 places, 2nd on tie-break

2006 First President GM Arroyo Cup 2-3 places

2007 World Open 1-9 places

2007 Curacao Chess festival, Netherlands Antilles, 7.5 out of 9, 1st place

2007 Miami Open, FL, US, 1-8 places

2007 Calvia Open, Magaluf, Spain 8 out of 9, 1st place, perfomance 2876!  http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=4202 

2008 Canadian and Quebec Open 1-4 places, 3rd on tie-break

2009 Jubilee Open Zurich 7 out of 9, 3-4 places

2009 4th Edmonton International 1-2 places, 2nd on tie-break

2009 North American Open 1-5 places 3rd on tie-break