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Fragments of my games from 2010 Chicago Open

Posted by Victor Mikhalevski on June 3, 2010 at 11:50 AM

In some of the games of the recent Chicago Open I sacrificed an exchange for initiative, in others just had some instructive moments. Let's start with round one. I played with black against Vaja Ashish(2176). In the opening I sacrificed a pawn for initiative and the following position arose after 31.Rg3.

Find Black's plan!

In round four I played with Black against Shankar Gauri(2289)

This endgame position looks dangerous for Black as White threatens with 41.Rf8. Is it possible to create counter play? 

In round 5 I played with white against young talented player Michael H Bodek(2219).

Black has just played 17...Nxd5. What is the best recapture? Confirm your evaluation by variations.

In round 6 I played with white against Tatev Abrahamyan(2290). In the opening I made two inaccurate moves and Black obtained a good position. However her last move 22...h6 was wrong.

Is it worth exchanging the bishop? Calculate 23.Bxf6.

In round 7 I played with black against GM Nikola Mitkov(2509) and the following position arose after the opening:

Does 11.Bxf7 work?

In round 8 I played with White against IM Goran Vojinovic(2447). Soon we reached the following "http://vmikhalevski.webs.com/mikvoj.php.png" /> 

White to move. How would you continue?

Finally in round 9 I played with black against GM Georgy Kacheishvili(2587). The following interesting position arose after  24.Rfb1:

Black to move.

Later in the game we reached the following "http://vmikhalevski.webs.com/kachmik2.php.png" />

Is Black in trouble? Confirm your assessment by variations. No computer help, please!


Later I'll publish all the games in full.

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Reply kiwichess
5:04 AM on June 16, 2010 
your pgn of the chicago open is empty?!?!
Reply Victor Mikhalevski
8:25 AM on June 17, 2010 
kiwichess says...
your pgn of the chicago open is empty?!?!

thank you for letting me know. I hope to fix the problem soon and then I'll inform to all my members.