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upcoming tournaments

Here I'll post information about my upcoming tournaments.


The 2011 Canadian Open

The 2011 Canadian Open will be held from July 9 to 17th in Toronto, Canada
Here is the official page of the tournament: Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship 2011

39th Annual World Open

The 39th Annual World Open will be held from June 28 to July,4th in Philadelphia, US
Here is the information about the tournament: http://www.chesstour.com/wo11.htm

The Individual Israel Championships 2010

Individual Israel Championships will be held from 8 to 18 of November  2010 in Haifa, Israel. The official website isn't known yet.

European Club Cup 2010

 European Club Cup 2010 will be held from 16 to 24 of October 2010 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I'll represent Ashdod's team, which won the Israeli team championships for the last four years.
Here is the official site of the tournament: http://ecc2010.chessdom.com/

World Chess Olympiad 2010

World Chess Olympiad 2010 will be held from 20 of September to 4 of October 2010 in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. I'll be the first reserve board of the Israeli team, which also includes Boris Gelfand, Emil Sutovsky, Ilya Smirin and Maxim Rodshtein. Team captain is Alon Greenfeld.
The official website of the tournament seems to be: http://www.ugra-chess.com/

July 2010

2010 Biel Chess Festival runs July17-30 and includes many tournaments. I'm planning on taking part in the Chess 960 on July,17, the Hanowa Rapid on July,18,  the Master tournament on July 19-30 and finally the Blitz tournament on a free day, July 25.
Here is the link to the Biel Festival:

May 2010

2010 Calgary International Chess Classic   May 20-24  


2010  Chicago Open                                                         May 27-31