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My recent tournaments

Here I'll post results of my recent tournaments. Information about other tournaments can be found under "About me" section.

The Israeli team championship 2011

The Israeli team championship 2011 has concluded on June,10th in Ramat Aviv, North Tel Aviv. My team Ashdod took second place, three points behind Beer-Sheva A. I scored 7.5 out of 11(+5=5-1). The final cosstable can be found here: http://netanyachess.com/League/2011/709/en

The 29th Metz Open

The 29th Metz Open took place from May,2 to 8th in Metz, France. I scored 5.5 out of 9 and tied for 4-11 places(8th by Buchholz).
Final standings can be found here: http://www.metzalekhine57.fr/open2011/Open%20A/29eOpenDeMetz-ACl.htm

The 12th Individual European Championship

The 12th Individual European Championship took place from March 21 to April,2nd in Aix-les-Bains, France. I scored 5 out of 10.
Here are the final standings: http://www.aixlesbains2011.fr/EuroActus/157/EuroAixC11.pdf

The Belgium Interclubs 2010-11

The Belgium Interclubs 2010-11 took place from October 2010 to March 2011. I participated in the penultimate round of the tournament beating IM Wemmers(2421) with White pieces. My team KSK47-Eynatten 1 won confidently securing first place before the last round.
Here are final standings: http://www.frbe-kbsb.be/ICN/10-11/klas11.pdf

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival

The 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival took place from January,24th to February 3rd in Gibraltar. I scored 6.5 out of 10 after losing 2 last games. However I won the 1000 pound Brilliancy prize for my win over Varuzhan Akobian(2618).
Here are the final results: http://chess-results.com/tnr43699.aspx?art=1&rd=10&lan=1&wi=1000

The Austrian Bundesliga 2010-11

The Austrian Bundesliga 2010-11 took place over three weekends from November 2010 to March 2011 in Austria. I participated in the second weekend(January20-23 2011) scoring 2.5 out of 4. My team Furstenfeld took 4th place.
Here are final results: http://www.chess-results.com/tnr34347.aspx?lan=0

The First Petakh-Tikva Festival

I took part in a close tournament with the GM-norm, which was part of the First Petakh-Tikva Festival, which took place in Petakh-Tikva from December 3rd to 13th. I scored 4 out of 9. There was no official page of the tournament.

The 35th Individual Israel Championship

The 35th Individual Israel Championship took place in Haifa, Israel from November 8 to 18th. I tied for 2-3(3rd by Buchgolz) with 6.5 out of 9. My friend, Vitali Golod won the Championship with 7.5 points.
 Here are the final standings: http://netanyachess.com/event/ev_136/en

The 26th European Club Cup

The 26th European Club Cup took place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from October 16th to 24th 2010. My team Ashdod Elite CC took 6th place. I scored 2 out of 5.
Here are the final standings: http://ecc2010.chessdom.com/clubs-open/

The 39th Chess Olympiad

The 39th Chess Olympiad took place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia from September,19th to October,4th 2010. My team, Israel, won the bronze medal! I scored 4.5 out of 8(+3=3-2) on the 4th board(I was on the first reserve board and so I played all my games on the 4th board).
Here is the official page of the Olympiad: http://www.ugra-chess.com/

The Biel Chess Festival

The Biel Chess Fesival has concluded in Biel, Switzerland. It was held between July17th and 30th and included numerable tournaments. The Master Open, which run July 19-30 with 115 participants. The tournament was won by highest rated player, Alexander Riazantsev(2682) thanks to the last round win and a better tie-break over 6 more players, who also scored 8 out of 11. I stayed half a point behind, finished with 7.5 and took 9th place. http://bielchessfestival.ch/en/master-tournament
The Rapid Tournament took place on July,18th and I tied for first with Riazantsev and Andreikin, scoring 7.5 out of 9, but was third on tie-break. http://bielchessfestival.ch/en/rapid-tournament
The Fisher-Chess Tournament took place on July,17th and was won by my friend Michael Roiz.with 5.5 points out of 7. I scored 4.5 and finished 8th.
The Blitz Tournament took place on July,25th and was won by Dmitry Andreikin(2650) with 11 out of 13. I scored just 8. http://bielchessfestival.ch/en/blitz-tournament

The First Marrakech Open

The First Marrakech Open took place in Marrakech, Morocco from June 26 to July,1st. The tournament was extremely strong with 35 GMs, while the average of the top 10 was above 2625.
I scored 6 out of 9, after losing in the last round to the eventual winner, Shchekachev, who scored 7.5 out of 9 together with Meier. The full standings and more information about the tournament can be found here:
http://www.marrakech-echecs.com/spip.php?article205  Look under the results of the 9th round. 

2010 Chicago Open

2010 Chicago Open run May 27-31. I scored 7 out of 9 and tied for 2-5places with Adams(2697), Najer(2663) and Stocek(2593). The tournament was won by Loek Van Wely(2655) with 7.5.
Here is the link to the tournament page: http://chesstournamentservices.com/cca/2010/05/chicago-open-2010-standings-open-section/

2010 Calgary International

2010 Calgary International run May20-24. It was a smal, but well-organized tournament with 18 participants, four of them were GMs.

I finished first with 7 out of 9.

Here are the full standings: http://www.albertachess.org/2010CICC/Standings.html

2010 Israel Team Championship

My team Ashdod 1 won the Israeli Team Championship for the fourth time in a row and qualified for the European Club Cup! I played on boards 4 and 5 and scored 8 out of 11(+5-0=6). This was my first season with the team.

Austrian Bundesliga 2009-10


I've finished with 7.5 out of 11. My team SK Sparkasse Fürstenfeld tied for 6th place with 12 team points

Blitz in Casino of Baden, March 26 2010

A blitz tournament took place in the Casino of the Austrian town of Baden. I scored 7 out of 11.

Belgian Interclubs 2009-10

 My team KSK47-Eynatten 1 won Belgian Interclubs 2009-2010. I scored 3.5 out of 5 on the first and second boards. The last round took place on the March,21.


Hypercube blitz chess tournament, utrecht, march 20

I scored 11.5 out of 19 and finished clear fourth out of 20 participants of the first final.

North American Open 2009 December 26-29

I tied for first with four more players with 5.5 out of 7, third on tie-break.

edmonton International 2009 December 17-21

I tied for first with GM Josh Friedel with 7 out of 9, but was second on tie-break.